On Boarding Process

Quick Start Guide

Ross Causey

by Ross Causey

January 21, 2021 06:12 PM

A quick overview of how to get started here.

1. Go to our Forum Comms (link at top of home page) 

2. Introduce your self. We run this group like our FB group. NO putdown or foul language. 

3. See our site rules here in the Forum.

4. In the header, under content, that will take you to various articles we have written. These are similar to social media posts but with more content. If you have ideas or want to be a contributing writer just let us know!!!

5. If you are a free member you may not have access to Premium content that Enhanced or Pro members have. No offense. Upgrade, downgrade, cancel when it works.

6. IMPORTANT!!  Events, This is where you can see up coming events. On laptop they are left top of screen. On mobile they will be at the very bottom. We want your participation!!!

7. We are going to have a continuious stream of additions. Please let us know what we can do better or add.

8. For any questions about your account, in the header, click on MY ACCOUNT. That will show a drop down list of several links to answer your questions.