We are a global group of contractors seeking to better ourselves.

Hi my name is Ross Causey. I have been a contractor all my adult life. I have been honored to teach contractors from coast to coast, USA. We started the private group Contractor Education Network to help and inspire you. Now we are doing the same here. How can we serve you today???

Join today and reap the benefits!

Play and work hard



This is a new program for us. Right now several features/benefits are outlined below. They will be expanded upon as we grow.

  • Direct interaction with other contractors.
  • We will respect your time and attention.
  • Our aim is to provide more value than it costs.
  • As we expand our content you will be the first to get access.

The what, where,

and, how...

We are beginning this journey through collaboration and community.



You are starting on the ground floor. Post, comment, exchange ideas, develop skills. 


We have one course now with six in the pipeline. Some of you will be asked to be Beta Testers. This will work out any bugs and you will get the course for freeπŸ€‘


Camaraderie and skill acquisition are only two of our initial goals. All to often a contractors life can be isolating and lonely. Together we are more than we are alone!



Yours, Ours, and others...

Who knows? Perhaps a course on, How to get comfortable and effective in FRONT of the camera 😎

Membership Options


$23.00 Per Month


A practical way to get started

This will have access to our forums. Talk with other members and access to our ultra private FB MVP group.  Step up to our other subscriptions πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ when you can, to accelerate your possibilities!!



Enhanced version


Online content, community forum, group mentoring, access to our ultra private FB MVP group. Begin the transformation process today.

payment plans available



Pro version


Accountability Groups, Online content, Community Forum, Group Mentoring, coupon codes for discounts, access to our ultra private FB MVP group, and Access to us... Together we can accelerate your transformation.

payment plans available

Interested in a free membership? Contact us here Info@contractoreducationnetwork.com

We have several scholarships available.